Installation:Variable Size
Video 2:00mins (2017)


The interactive installation “I love it here, but I don’t know where I am” has set the story against the background of the co-existence of human beings with “the space of artificial life”. In this world, human beings lived in mutual dependence with the melting ball-like creatures and migrated, socialized
and mated with them. In this world, the boundaries between truth and fiction, biological and artificial were blurred.

The work consisted of the interactive installation and videos.

the interactive installation simulated human beings inside artificial life through interactions.

The device part is a space composed of cloth, sensors, and mechanical push rods.When a person enters, the sensors distributed on the ground will analyze according to the trajectory and quantity of the person, so that the wall can make different interactive feedbacks, simulating the “cold” softness of the creation.

The video showed repeatedly the sunset, migration of swans, Kecak dance, the busy traffic and other images of low quality with the play mark, trying to express the correlation between the stitched images and the 3d model and the metaphor of actions of living things and artifacts.

I’ve screened natural elements in the 3d model, leaving only mountains and rivers and the sky. The texture of the model was low-quality images (sunset, swans’ migration, etc.) generated by repeated reposting on the network. These simplified visual elements could directly trigger associations; such a process was similar to our information receiving and re-organizing on the Internet. I visualized this association process to the 3d space to simulate the existence of the space of thinking.

交互装置作品《我爱这里,可我不知道我在哪》(i love here,but i don’t where i am)将故事预设在“人造生物空间”与人一起生存的故事背景下,在这个世界中人与融球状生物共同生活,相互依存,并随它一起迁徙、群居、交配繁衍。在这个世界中,真实与虚拟、生物与人造物的界限模糊。
装置部分是由布、传感器、机械 推杆组成的空间。 当⼈进⼊时, 地⾯分布的传感器会根据⼈⾏⾛ 的轨迹和数量进⾏分析, 使墙⾯ 做出不同的交互反馈, 模拟出⼈ 造⽣物“冰冷”的柔软感。