ACT (auto controlling technology) 

fake product

Installation:Variable Size
Video 2:00mins (2017)
group work:Shuheng Fu ︎、Yining Gong


没关系,数据会时刻计算,电子眼会随时照顾你 ;)ACT---享受简单和轻松的生活

Let it help you regulate your life and make life easier!
Irregular typing? Social barriers? Customs?
It does not matter, 
the data will be calculated at all times, 
and the electronic eye will take care of you at any time;)
 ACT---Enjoy a simple and relaxed life

This is a virtual product, researched and imitated the commonly used methods and product appearance of electronic products in commercial promotion. The inside of this virtual product is terrifying. It can monitor your voice and behavior at any time, and correct your irregular behavior (including language norms, codes of conduct, etc.), but after some packaging, it changes Into a good product that can help you make your life easier. And try to expose the logical patterns behind some technological products in this way.