Mechanical  performing

Installation:Variable Size
Video 2:00mins (2018)
group work:
Yining Gong
Zhaoxin Liu︎
Xi Chen︎

将加缪的同名小说《THE STRANGER》(中文名“局外人”)重新改编,浓缩出了总时长为4分半戏剧剧本。《局外人》的主人公莫尔索是一个社会的边缘角色,他对一切都呈现无所谓的态度,他对一切都不为所动,甚至是他母亲的死亡。他坚持自己的处世之道不被社会所感染,他的这种态度违背了社会的规则,最终被人们在道德层面上审判至死。这出戏剧的主人公的特质正与机器和人工智能的特质相符,人们对特立独行的莫尔索新生恐惧。其实莫尔索和人工智能本身并没有错,他们生来如此,这一切只是因为它们触犯了大众的标准,社会的规则,所以人们将他们视为威胁,看作“局外人”。

An adaptation of Albert Camus's novel The Stranger is condensed into four and a half minutes of drama. Meursault, THE protagonist of The Stranger, is a socially marginalized character who appears indifferent to everything, not even THE death of his mother. He insisted on his way of life not to be infected by the society. His attitude violated the rules of the society, and he was judged to death by people on moral grounds. In this play, Meursault's characteristics are in line with those of machine and artificial intelligence. As an independent existence, machine is morally judged by people under anthropocentrism. Meursault's final situation is in line with artificial intelligence to some extent. People are afraid of the eccentric Meursault. In fact, Morsault and artificial intelligence themselves are not at fault, they are born this way, all because they violate the standards of the public and the rules of the society, so people regard them as threats and "outsiders".
The work consists of five parts: Act I (mother's funeral), Act II (love with Mary), Act III (shooting in the sun), Act IV (religious resistance) and the hero Morsault, respectively, correspond to the plot of the novel.Corresponding to the five dynamic device in grid.